For more than 65 years The Lund Industrial Group has provided innovative solutions to challenging cutting, wear, and corrosion related problems.

The Lund Approach

We work with the equipment manufacturers' engineering personnel to develop the most cost effective cutting system or wear part, and then to engineer optimal wear life extension into it. The Lund Engineered Products Division continues to develop new ways to solve the most demanding cutting and wear life challenges. These may be new designs for new equipment, or performance enhancements for current systems. We do this by applying our experience and expertise in the following steps:

Knives on belt
  • Cutting system or wear part engineering design, including the incorporation of appropriate hot or cold-formed profiles.
  • Material selection.
  • Heat-treating, including selective zone hardening.
  • Surface enhancement through the application of one of several wear or corrosion resistant coatings or welded inlays.

This last step is where The Lund Engineered Products Division many years of experience really make a difference. Depending on the application (cutting wear life, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection) The Lund Engineered Products Division can choose from among a wide variety of surface enhancement capabilities:

  • Tungsten carbide thermal spray-and-fuse coatings; we have over 115 tungsten carbide powder formulations from which to choose.
  • Proprietary Wear-Tuff ® sintered-and-fused abrasion resistant coatings.
  • BrazeCoat ® ultra-high-density tungsten carbide and chromium carbide brazed coatings.
  • Welded inlays.
  • Laser Clad Hard Facing
  • Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA) deposited coatings.
  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) deposited coatings.

In most cases, one, or a combination of these processes will provide the solution to the wear
life problem. And, new processes are always under development.

The Lund Industrial Group can either fabricate your entire cutting or wear part, have it
fabricated for you and then apply our wear enhancing capabilities,
or apply those capabilities to parts provided by you.