For more than 65 years The Lund Industrial Group has provided innovative solutions to challenging cutting, wear, and corrosion related problems.

Markets & Applications

The Lund Industrial Group can provide innovative solutions to the most challenging wear and cutting problems in virtually any type of equipment and application. Some examples include:

Markets & Applicationss

Agricultural Harvesting Equipment: Forage harvesters, Combines, Corn headers, Row independent headers, Round and square hay balers, Sugar cane harvesters, Mixer feeders, Silage grabs

Agricultural Crop Movement Equipment: Augers

Agricultural Tillage Tools: Harrow disks, Sweeps, Points, Ripping points

Lawn and Garden Equipment: Brush chipper blades, Brush cutter blades, Tiller tines, Snow blower skids, Edger blades

Golf and Turf Management: Reel mower bed knives, Sod harvesting knives

Construction Equipment: Trencher teeth, Scraper blades, Skid feet

Mining Equipment: Miscellaneous wear parts

Railroad Equipment: Miscellaneous wear parts

Aerospace Components: Miscellaneous wear parts