For more than 65 years The Lund Industrial Group has provided innovative solutions to challenging cutting, wear, and corrosion related problems.

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Challenge: Continue to Increase the Life of Grain Combine Wear Parts

Lund wear parts are found throughout grain combines, especially those used to harvest corn. They are used from front (in the cut-off head) to back (in the flail processor).


Most corn combines use a special head that relies on Lund cut-off discs for the initial cutting of the stalk so it can be fed into the head. These discs have very special geometry, material, and hard facing requirements. They are installed in pairs, with one working against the other, cleanly cutting the crop while maintaining a sharp edge and resisting impact from foreign objects encountered in the field.

However, one of the most interesting and effective Lund innovations on grain combines has been to develop a wear resistant coating for the internal rasp bars. These parts literally rub or knock the grain kernels from the crop – in the case of corn, from the ear itself.

Lund applies a tough tungsten carbide thermal spray coating to these parts to greatly increase their wear life. The longer the rasp bars perform effectively, the longer the combine can remain working in the field.

In many cases the Tungsten Carbide coating is a cost effective replacement for expensive, environmentally unfriendly chrome plating.

This is a perfect example of the value added and improvement in price/performance relationship that Lund technology can provide.

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