For more than 65 years The Lund Industrial Group has provided innovative solutions to challenging cutting, wear, and corrosion related problems.

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Challenge: Develop a Cost Effective, Long Wearing Stationary Knife (Bed Knife) for Reel Mowers

A major golf course equipment company came to Lund seeking a domestic supplier of reel mower bed knives. The customer had experienced problems with the previous offshore vendor, including poor responsiveness, lack of timely delivery, etc. The parts involve a complex geometry and require adherence to extremely tight tolerances. Moreover, the OEM was introducing a revolutionary new quick-change design for the bed knives.

golf course mower

In order to be cost competitive with an offshore source, Lund had to develop a process that involved a minimum of labor, yet met the exacting tolerances of these parts. In addition, with the new models there would be many combinations of length, thickness, and design. Accordingly, Lund had to develop a manufacturing approach that maximized flexibility and responsiveness.

Finally, through material selection, specialized heat-treating, and black oxide surface preparation, Lund insured that the parts would provide the optimal cost/performance ratio.

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